Latvian Field Post 1919 - 1920

This thematic, based on the old manuscripts by Mr. Nikolajs Jakimovs († 2000), includes new knowledge about the Latvian Military Field Post Offices and their postmarks during 1919 – 1920 because of that new information about these has been found in the State Archives in Riga by Mr. Raimonds Jonitis where, in opposite to what earlier has been published, is shown that the Field Sub-offices followed the army units and wasn’t stationary.

It is of course understandable that, due to the war situation, the information about the Field Post Offices not always was fully exact.

Because of that the there was an official inquiry from the Chief of Staff of the Army War Liaison to the Chief of Staff of the Main Field Post Office (28 May 1920, No. 7059-s) with the following questions to be answered until 8 June 1920:

  1. Which postal operations were effected at the Main Field Post Office as well as at the Field sub-offices during the period from the start of their operations until the attack of the Bermondt Army? (Separate presentation of the amount and weight of ordinary and registered mail as well as parcels and money letters, for the last ones also with notification of total value for each).
  2. The same presentation for the period during the Bermondt attack, detailed showing where and under what circumstances the post offices were able to carry out their tasks and which losses they had in their work.
  3. The same presentation during period of the liberation of Latgale until 1 May (1920)
  4. Establishment of the Field post in the economic life during above mentioned periods; opening of the sub-offices (when? under what conditions?), their working areas and movements due to the movements of the front line, equipment of subsistence, premises, light and clothing.
  5. Mail delivery procedure: to what degree was it possible to use railway and water transports? Where had horses been used? How many charioteers were used and for which sum during the periods as above? Were the charioteers in an enough amount to serve the post offices? If not, state corresponding facts.
  6. Which was the average time for delivery of ordinary mail and money letters between Riga and the Latgale front line? What was to be done to speed up the delivery? Which was the view on shortages at the Field Post entering the organisation?

These questions were on 7 June forwarded to the Chief of Staff of the Field sub-offices marked “very urgent”.

The answers and comments on these questions, a report from the Chief of Staff of the Main Field Post Office to the Chief of Staff of the Army War Liaison (2 June 1920, No. 2679) together with answers from the different Field sub-offices is part to this thematic. However, the information of the different sub-offices is very varying. Some of them have very precise information about the movements of the sub-offices their operation periods and their mail deliveries. On the other hand others, e.g. Field sub-office III, have more general information. As a fact is the Report from the Head Field Post Office also not fully corresponding to the information given by the different Field sub-offices.

I will give a special high credit to Mr. Raimonds Jonitis in Riga for his patience and great research work at the Latvian State Archives finding this information among a lot of documents, not easy to decipher all the time.

A closer information about the Latvian Field post and the Field Post Offices is to be found on the pdf-file below