The cachets in alphabetic order

On the pdf-file below the army cachets are shown in alphabetic order with their text in Latvian as it appears in the markings.
The black text is the outer ring text containing the designation of the army unit or organisation and the text in red assign to the inner circle. It is either the 1st Coat of Arms or the actual Company, Battalion or other military designation of the Chief of Staff but most common is the text for dispatches or parcels.
In the right row the actual type for the cachet is given.

Below are some examples of the army cachets shown.

Military unit cachets for free of charge mail 1919 - 1922
This thematic is available, for those who are interested to take a closer acquiantance of this subject, as a compendium in German and English: "Studienmanuskripte der Forschungsgemeinschaft Lettland im BDPh e.V., Folge 17 / Truppensiegel für portofreie Sendungen 1919 - 1922 / Military unit cachets for free of charge mail 1919 - 1922 von Juris Mors" from the Harry v. Hofmann Verlag in Germany.

Price, blackprint ca € 29,00, or coloured on request.

An other way to get the whole compendium with a lot of illustrations (mostly coloured) and the cachets arranged by the different military units is to order a CD directely from me.
The files in the CD are as Word documents.

All the military units are described with text in Latvian, as in the cachet and furthermore translated into German and English. Also the the diameters of the cachets are given as well as earliest and latest seen dates.
Not all cachets (for the moment 634 different circular and 21 straight-lined army cachets listened) are illustrated as above. Many are shown as outcuts from some item. Also a lot of whole items (mainly postcards) from different collections are shown.

Inhaltsverzeichnung / Contents

Vorwort  / Foreword                                                                page 3

 Truppensiegel für portofreie Sendungen
Military unit cachets for free of charge mail                            page 5

Index I – Die Truppenteile und Verwaltungen der Armee
Index I - The army units and administrations                          page 9

Die Type der Truppensiegel / The Cachet Types                    page 12

Erklärungen / Explanations                                                      page 14

Die Truppensiegel in alphabetischer Reihenfolge
The cachets in alphabetic order                                              page 14

Die Truppensiegel nach Einheiten und Verwaltungen
The cachets according the army units and administrations    page 31

Index II – zur Identifizierung der Truppensiegel
Index II – to identify a cachet                                                  page 285
Äußere Rundumschrift / Outer circle text                             page 286
Text des Innerkreises / Inner circle text                               page 292

The price for the CD with totally 294 pages is $75 (postage included)
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