Vesma Grienfeldes awarded TPO collection stolen!

After receiving a gold medal at the International Show in Brazil, my 8 frame exhibit entitled “Travelling Post Offices of Latvia: Rates, Routes and Cancellations” has been “lost or stolen” in the United States Express Mail Postal System.

The 128 pages were comprised of approximately 75 tsarist era TPOs with route numbers relating to the territory which is now Latvia, about 200 Latvia (1919-1940) TPO’s on cards and covers with all route numbers complete and about 30 TPO’s from the WWII German Occupation Era to 1944.  Included were, or course, rare and unusual items, as well as, discovery copies and earliest known usages.  About 50 items were postage dues with many being TPO postage due markings.

Also, missing/lost or stolen, is a one-frame traditional exhibit of the Map Stamps of Latvia which had 8 pages of proofs, errors and varieties and about 20 covers and cards showing usage of this 5 kap. stamp.

Both exhibits were in the same box posted back to me in San Francisco from Ohio by the US Commissioner.

Please be aware that the material is likely stolen if offered.  If anyone has information, I would appreciate hearing from them:
This is a sad loss to Baltic philately and the exhibitor would like to have it returned so that this award winning exhibit could be shown, once again.

Vesma Grinfelds